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Steve Bierman , MD

Emergency Physician | Family Physician | Medical Hypnotherapist

“…Meantime, it is perhaps wisest for us to reprise what works—namely, discovering and addressing as many causes as possible, and treating those causes (mental and material) with whatever remedies have been proven to help and not harm.”



Many of his cures seem like miracles.

Steve Bierman M.D. received his undergraduate degree from UCLA and his doctorate from Northwestern University, School of Medicine. After completing his Family Practice residency at UCSD, he worked nearly 20 years as a board-certified Emergency Physician at Scripps Memorial Hospital, in Encinitas, California. He is the founder of two medical device companies and holds over 200 utility patents on various medical devices. Dr. Bierman has two daughters–Clea and Raquel– is an avid surfer and lives in Del Mar, California with his wife Dianne and their three pugs.

As an Emergency Physician, Dr. Bierman became renowned for performing painless procedures, like simple injections, laceration repairs, and even childbirth. But his studied words and gestures did far more than prevent pain, they also produced astonishing physical outcomes: dangerous heart rhythms converted to normal, hemorrhages arrested and constricted airways dilated.

In private practice, Dr. Bierman went further along “the communication continuum” to forestall auto-immune diseases, shrink deadly tumors, relieve depression and ensure bloodless surgeries. Many of his cures seem like miracles. And yet, as Dr. Bierman explains, they are the inevitable consequence of a new and expanded understanding of disease causality and the focused power of ideas to access our Healer Within.

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Dr. Bierman offers talks and classes for both medical and non-medical audiences. His courses are, generally, for caregivers from all disciplines: MDs, RNs, Dentists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, etc.

  • March 19-22, 2024
    “Introduction to Noetic Medicine”
    Tucson TBD
  • Fall 2023 (TBD)
    Advanced Case Review
    “Advanced Case Review: Hypnotic Healing. Australian Hypnotherapy Association”
    Advanced Case Review Fall 2023 (TBD)